Considerations for Storing Guns in a Foam Case

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Considerations for Storing Guns in a Foam Case

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It’s essential to have a secure, accommodating place to store your gun while it isn’t in use.

Many firearm owners transport their guns in cases lined with foam while they’re on the road. The foam’s shock absorption softens the blow of bumps and dings. 

While foam inserts can protect your equipment while you travel, should you use them to store your firearm at home? Keep reading to learn more about foam inserts and firearm storage.

Is Storing Guns in a Foam Case a Good Idea?

Foam inserts are excellent options for storing your firearm at home. One of the best types to use for firearm storage is Kaizen foam because:

  • You can ensure a perfect fit for your firearm. You get the closest fit possible for your gun and its attachments when you cut the foam yourself. Every bolt, optic and rail should be accounted for when you cut for your weapon.
  • It’s easy to customize the depth of the cutout. If you store your firearm in a gun case that uses Kaizen foam, you can go layer by layer to make sure you get the perfect depth in your cutout.
  • Kaizen foam keeps your firearm and ammunition organized and accessible. Foam cutouts avoid rummaging. Once you open your case, the firearm and ammo are in their exact place.

Like any storage method, you should always keep your firearm in a climate-controlled space.

Three Tips for Creating Your Custom-Cut Foam Inserts for a Gun Case

Here are some best practices you can follow to make sure you get excellent results when customizing your foam gun case:

  1. Double and triple-check your firearms for any safety hazards when tracing: Make sure you check that your firearm is unloaded and the barrel is empty. Remember the four rules of firearm safety when creating your cutout. 
  2. Use a paper outline to cut your foam: If you don’t want to trace directly on the foam for your cutout, you can cut a sheet of paper to fit the dimensions of your case and trace your firearm there. A paper outline allows you to trace on a smoother surface. Then, you can transfer the trace onto your foam insert.
  3. Add or remove individual layers for a smoother cutout: If the bottom of your cutout is rough, you can peel a layer from the piece you removed and place it back for a smoother finish.

For step-by-step instructions to cut your foam inserts, check out our FAQ page, “How to Customize Gun Case Foam Inserts.

Concealment Furniture and Custom-Cut Foam: A Perfect Match

If you’re considering a custom-cut foam insert for a gun case, get the perfect piece to conceal your weapon while keeping it accessible, concealment furniture. 

Liberty Home Concealment’s products are perfect for any space in the house and keep your firearm secure while making it accessible only to you. 

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