We design, build and ship customizable gun concealment furniture, tactical home decor, and concealment wall art. Our hidden compartment furniture is 100% handmade in the USA and is available in multiple stain and color options. We proudly provide our customers with affordable, high-quality gun concealment furniture, fit for just about every room in the home. If you or a family member are interested in safe, discreet firearm storage, we’ve got you covered.

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Featured Products

With Liberty Home Concealment, your options are limitless. From concealment clocks and lamps, to wall mantles and coffee tables, we can build a product suited to your gun concealment and storage needs. Peruse a few of our favorite hidden compartment furnishings to get started.

Blog posts

A Beginner’s Guide to Concealed Carry

Casy Smith

Carrying a concealed handgun is a commitment, and not something to be taken lightly. Safety for yourself and others i...

Benefits of Concealed Gun Furniture for Safe Gun Storage

Casy Smith

As an alternative to the traditional gun safe, many firearms owners these days are turning to concealed gun furniture...

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