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Unmatched Gun Storage Solutions

Offering the best hidden firearm storage solutions on the market today doesn’t come easy - that’s why we’ve pulled out all the stops and infused unmatched quality into every gun concealment piece we carry.

Proudly Made in the USA

Liberty Home Concealment is dedicated to making our concealment flags, furniture, and other products right here in the US. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Norwood, Missouri, a small town in Southern Missouri. Our staff members are locals who are dedicated to producing exceptional concealment products for you and your loved ones.

Made & Finished By Hand

Liberty Home Concealment is committed to American craftsmanship. We never import cheaper products from overseas. Every part of our concealment furniture and flag creation process is done by hand. From cutting, assembling, sanding, painting, and finishing, we guarantee that your concealment product has a level of quality and durability you can’t get elsewhere.

Secure & Reliable Concealment

Because Liberty Home Concealment uses only the highest quality locking mechanisms, from magnetic safety locks to digital RFID locks, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to retrieve your valuables or firearms at a moment’s notice.We recognize the importance of being able to get to whatever you’re concealing quickly and efficiently, which is why we use the best locks we can find.

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