Who is Liberty Home Concealment?

Liberty Home Concealment is a family-owned and operated furniture manufacturer located in southern Missouri.

We strive to provide our customers with affordable, yet high quality concealment furniture options. All of our products are proudly made in the United States with US sourced materials whenever possible.

Craftsmen working on Liberty Home Concealment products

Our Unmatched Team of Craftsman

Creating unmatched gun storage pieces comes only by an unmatched team of expert craftsmen and assemblers.

Liberty Home Concealment is proud to be a company dedicated to excellence, and that includes the people behind our products.
When buying one of our concealment decor pieces, you can rest assured in the quality of our products and the care invested by our people.
Craftswoman working on staining wood

Choose Our Trustworthy Gun Storage Solutions

From our popular concealment flags to our trendy concealment wall art, our gun concealment products have become a household name (literally - we are in many homes across the United States)!

So what makes our hidden gun storage solutions different? For us, it all comes down to one thing: trust.

3 compartment gun concealment case with open doors

When you purchase a Liberty Home Concealment piece, you’re placing your trust in a company who has proven expert craftsmanship and reliability year after year.

But don’t take our word for it - check out one out of the many happy customer reviews submitted about our products:
“I’ve been eyeing this piece for a bit and finally decided to pull the trigger on getting it. Was not disappointed at all. Workmanship is amazing and functions great. The size is perfect for my rifle, which is a huge positive. The RFID lock is definitely worth the added cost. I will definitely be recommending this to family and friends.” - Review titled “Work of Art” from James.

Online Community Recognition

Liberty Home Concealment is both proud and grateful for the outstanding community surrounding our products. We have seen numerous product reviews showcasing the functionality and design of our products.

To further glimpse the quality and craftsmanship behind our gun concealment decor pieces, we encourage you to check out this outstanding video review provided by Buffalo's Outdoors. We hope this helps inform you even more as you consider Liberty Home Concealment’s gun storage solutions.


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