How To Customize Gun Case Foam Inserts

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How To Customize Gun Case Foam Inserts

Using foam inserts in your gun case grants you the flexibility you need to store a wide variety of firearms, from handguns to rifles. In addition to being used in rifle and gun cases, Kaizen foam can be used in a wide variety of our product offerings from concealment flags to hidden gun storage wall art to store various kinds of other valuables as well.

Since Kaizen foam can be customized and cut to any size and shape you like, you can be sure that stored items will fit securely. So how do you customize foam for your gun case? Continue reading for detailed instructions!

1. Position Firearms

Lay your firearms and items you want to store in your gun case on the Kaizen foam and orient to your liking. Having a plan before making any cuts to the foam is the best way to ensure not making any mistakes or wasting foam material.

It is a good idea to double and triple check yourself to make sure you are including all the items desired in your original layout.

2. Trace Outline Around Firearms

Using a fine-tipped pen, silver-colored marker, or the tip of an Exacto knife, trace around your items slowly. Pay close attention when tracing items. The tighter you can trace to the item, the better the finished outline will turn out.

If you don't feel comfortable with holding the firearm in place while you trace, enlist the help of someone trustworthy to help with this step to ensure the most accurate outline.

3. Cut Kaizen Foam

Before you cut the foam with your Exacto knife, remove whatever item you traced and place in a secure area. Remember to keep your firearms secure during this process to avoid any possibility of danger or firearm mistakes.

Using a sharp knife, slowly and evenly cut foam to a depth that matches the item you are wanting to store. If you would like even more precision, measure the depth of the item with a ruler or measuring tape before hand to help guide your cutting depth.

4. Remove Loose Foam

As you begin to cut your foam according to the outline in step two, it is good practice to peel away layers of foam and remove from your work area. Dispose of foam that is unneeded. As you continue to cut, be sure to remove loose layers of foam until the desired depth is reached.

5. Test Foam Cutout

Check the placement and position of your firearms frequently to ensure a proper fit. If something does not fit properly, make minor cuts and adjustments to expand the cutout until a secure fit for the firearm has been reached. 


More Foam Cutting Considerations

Additional material removal may be required around items such as scope turrets and bolt knobs to ensure proper fitment of your items. If you are looking for replacement foam for your gun or rifle case you can find it here. Also, please check out the videos below for visual guides on how to cut your Kaizen foam properly.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us or call us at (417) 746-0355 and a member of our customer support team can assist you.


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