Gun Concealment Wall Art

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Hidden Wall Gun Safes that Fit Your Home

Discover the perfect blend of style and security with our collection of unique hidden wall gun safes . From the charming "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" sign to the sleek "Long Slim 'Half' American Flag" case, each piece is crafted by our unmatched team of expert craftsmen and assemblers, making them the ideal wall-mounted gun safes for your home.

You can easily add a touch of personality to your home with our "Welcome to Our Home" wall art, or display your faith with our "Faith Can Move Mountains" and "Faith, Family, Freedom" mini concealment boxes. It’s also easy to protect your home and loved ones with our "Life is Hard" and "This House is Protected" signs, transforming them into decorative gun safes that blend seamlessly with your home decor.

Keep your weapons discreet and safe with our "Visitors Bring Happiness" and "I'm Your Huckleberry" concealment boxes, designed to be the perfect wall gun safe. Or, you can show off your patriotic side with our “We The People” and "Blessed are the Peacemakers" signs. And for beer enthusiasts, we even have a "Mini Craft Beer" gun storage sign, adding a unique touch to our wall-mounted gun cabinet options.

As with all of our concealment gun safes or home decor, our hidden wall gun safes  feature  hidden locking compartments lined with foam which you can customize to fit everything from small handguns to rifles and shotguns and other valuable items. For those looking for more secure gun storage, we also offer RFID lock upgrades, enhancing the security of your wall gun safe.

Gun Concealment Wall Art FAQ

Q: Can the hidden wall gun safes be customized to fit different types of firearms?
Absolutely! Our hidden wall gun safes feature customizable foam-lined compartments that can be tailored to securely fit a wide range of firearms, from small handguns to larger rifles and shotguns. This flexibility ensures that your specific storage needs are met, keeping your weapons discreetly and safely stored.

Q: Are there any additional security features available for these gun safes?
Yes, we offer RFID lock upgrades for those seeking enhanced security for their firearms and valuables. This advanced locking mechanism provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the safe's contents.

Q: Do the wall-mounted gun cabinets only serve as gun safes, or can they be used for other purposes?
While our wall-mounted gun cabinets are designed to safely store firearms, their decorative designs allow them to blend seamlessly into your home decor. This means they can also be used to store and conceal other valuable items or serve as unique, decorative pieces that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.



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