Hanging Instructions

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Hanging Instructions

Tools Needed for Concealment Flag Hanging

  • #2 Philips Bit
  • Drill
  • A level
  • Second set of hands to assist with hanging

Before You Begin: 

You will find the key and mounting instructions stapled on the back or packaged with the flag:

  1. Locate desired flag hanging position and locate stud inside of wall. 
  2. Locate mounting holes on top and bottom of flag. Note: On mini and half flag models, holes are located inside of flag. 
  3. Remove foam insert to gain access to mounting holes.

Steps to Hang Your Concealment Flag

  1. Load #2 Philips bit and one 3-inch screw into your drill and drive the first screw into predetermined wall placement.
  2. Secure top of unit to the wall stud first. Use second set of hands to assist with holding while fastening screw.
  3. Place level on top of flag and verify unit is hanging level.
  4. While maintaining level positioning drive second supplied screw securing bottom of unit to the wall. Note: On large flag models, use second set of mounting holes for securing

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