What Kind of Concealment Furniture Should You Get for Your Home?

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What Kind of Concealment Furniture Should You Get for Your Home?

Most firearm owners know how important it is to secure their weapons while they are at home, but using concealment furniture can significantly improve your gun's accessibility while it remains undisclosed and secure. 

If you decide to choose concealment furniture, you may be wondering, "what concealment furniture option should I go with?" 

Keep reading our guide on which piece of concealment furniture will work best for you.

What is Your Storage Situation?

Whenever it comes to purchasing and using concealment furniture, we understand that everyone's circumstances are unique. That's why we offer custom pieces of concealment wall art, furniture and decor that can cover a multitude of storage scenarios for our customers.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you make your purchase:

As you go through this mental checklist, you can begin to picture how our concealment furniture hardware can help you easily secure your firearm.

What type of firearm do I want to store in my concealment furniture?

The size of the firearm you plan to store makes a difference when you are deciding what piece to buy for your home. 

You can place a handgun in any of our concealment options with ease. However, if you are looking for a small piece of concealment wall art, a mini American flag gun concealment case or picture frame will store a compact gun without any issues.

If you are looking for large firearm concealment furniture, you'll need a large concealment gun case or coat rack.

Which rooms do I spend the most time in?

The next step to figure out what kind of concealment furniture you should utilize is determining where you need to store your firearm.

Do you want to store your firearm in a central location like a living room or den? Or, would you prefer to utilize concealment bedroom furniture in case of a home invasion during the night? Where you want to store your gun will affect which piece of concealment furniture you need.

Living rooms, dens and other common areas.

For shared spaces, you can go with a larger piece of concealment wall art or furniture. A concealment coat rack works well for entryways because you can place it near the door inconspicuously. 

You can place larger flags or concealment wall art around these areas to give them a nice look while also giving you quick access to your firearm in case of an emergency.

Bedrooms, offices and other small rooms

For smaller rooms, you may want to look at a compact option. Many keep a handgun in their bedroom for self-defense. A survey revealed 81% of respondents who stored a gun in their bedroom left their firearm unlocked. 

We encourage you to use concealment decor if you want to keep a handgun close by during the night. A concealment tissue box or clock are both great ways to keep a firearm by your bedside without leaving it in the open. 

What is the layout of the room?

Once you've pinpointed the room you plan to store your gun in, you need to think through where your firearm will be easily accessible in case of an emergency. Where would an intruder enter the room? Where do you usually reside in the room? 

Where you place concealment bedroom furniture is cut-and-dry as you want to have your firearm close to your bedside. 

If you spend a lot of time seated in your living room, concealment decor next to your couch, recliner or other seating is ideal.

While there are many options for firearm concealment, make sure to get a high-quality product for your home. Contact Liberty Home Concealment to talk with a team member today.


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