Magnetic vs. RFID Gun Locks: Which Should You Choose For Your Concealment Furniture?

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Magnetic vs. RFID Gun Locks: Which Should You Choose For Your Concealment Furniture?

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TLDR: For secure firearm storage, consider the differences between RFID locks and magnetic locks for your gun cabinet. RFID locks for gun cabinets offer high security, can store data for multiple keys, and provide quick access without direct contact. Magnetic gun locks are cost-effective, require no electricity, and are easy to use. Both options enhance safety and accessibility, ensuring your firearms are secure yet readily available for home defense.

Safe storage of firearms is essential to gun ownership. You want to make sure that your firearm of choice is secure and inaccessible to little ones or intruders. The best way to safely and discreetly store firearms is with a locking gun cabinet or piece of concealment furniture. It’s less evident for thieves and more accessible for home defense than a bulky gun safe. 

If you decide to go with a piece of concealment furniture or wall art for your gun storage, it traditionally uses two types of locking mechanisms: magnetic or RFID gun cabinet locks. If you are unsure which is best for your storage needs, check out our list of pros and cons below to help make your decision.

RFID Technology and How it is Used Today

As we explained in a previous blog, “Keep Your Firearms Safe and Secure with RFID Cabinet Locks,” RFID technology has existed for a long time, but has recently moved into consumer and home use. Its application began with the military in WWII as planes used the radio frequencies to determine if an aircraft was a friendly or enemy plane. The first RFID tag with rewritable memory was patented in 1973.

More recently, you may have seen RFID technology integrated into labels at retail stores that set off an alarm if the tag wasn’t scanned at the counter. Some hotels also use this technology to give guests secure, reliable access to their rooms with RFID keycard systems.

RFID Mechanics: Transponder and Transceiver

RFID works through two essential components, the transponder, or the tag, which transmits a unique signal via radio waves to the transceiver, or the reader, which interprets the signal to act, like setting off an alarm or opening a lock.

RFIDs are a flexible utility as they can transfer a lot of data to the transceiver instantaneously, making an RFID gun safe a great choice for home defense.

How Magnetic Locks Provide Security

Magnetic locks are the standard for concealment furniture. They are simple but effective at keeping unwanted firearm handlers away from your gun. Magnetic locks use a magnetic key to engage and disengage the locking mechanism in the door of your concealment furniture.

The Pros of RFID Gun Locks vs. Magnetic Locks for Gun Cabinets

While both locks will add a level of security to your concealment furniture, it’s time to look through some pros and cons for both to see which option is right for you.

Pros for RFID Gun Locks

  1. RFID gun locks offer supreme security and are more challenging to open than a magnetic lock.
  2. RFID can store data for multiple keys. This means you can assign several keys to an RFID scanner. Note: If there are multiple experienced gun owners in a home, RFID is a great way to give each individual a key for quick access.
  3. RFID scanners don’t require direct contact. With a simple wave over the reader, the concealment furniture or decor opens for quick access.

    Pros for Magnetic Gun Locks

    1. Magnetic gun locks cost less than RFID locks.
    2. Magnetic gun locks don’t require electricity to lock. RFID gun locks require battery power, which can last from several months up to a year, depending on usage.
    3. Magnetic locks are simple to install and use. Once the lock is installed all you have to do is place the key on the specified area to disengage the lock.

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