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What You Need to Know About Concealed Carry in Your Vehicle

Transporting a gun in your vehicle is something you may not think about if you have a short commute, but there are specific laws to consider before you carry for long trips, especially across state lines. Plus, it’s always a good idea to carry in a way that is safe and effective. Please read our blog below about what you need to know before you concealed carry in your car.

State Laws

Before you decide to carry in your vehicle, you need to make sure you know the laws of each state you drive through. Concealed carry reciprocity is something to be aware of before traveling across state lines. You shouldn’t have to worry about this for day-to-day travel, but for longer trips, learning each state’s laws is essential to keep yourself out of trouble.

You can still transport your weapons through a state that doesn’t honor your concealed carry license, but state rules differ in how restricted your gun should be in transport and if you need to inform an officer of its presence. Considering state law, there are several options for where you can store your gun.

How to Concealed Carry While Driving

A key to concealed carry while driving is practice. Dry-fire training from a seated position in your car is a great way to prepare for defensive situations from the driver’s seat. Learning how to draw and fire your weapon with one hand is critical for these situations. Dry-fire practice can also help you understand how to operate in the limited space your vehicle cab provides.

Where You Can Store Your Gun

If you are driving through a state that honors your concealed carry permit, you can carry your firearm on your person like you usually would. Some prefer to place their weapon of choice in a spot that is more accessible. For our purposes, we will break down your storage options into two categories: convenience or accessible options and inaccessible options.

Convenience or Accessible Options

  • Concealed on Your Person: Whenever you are traveling in a state that honors your concealed carry permit, you can place your firearm wherever you usually would. Sticking with your regular holster might be the option for you if you want to keep your weapon entirely hidden while traveling. The biggest drawback to having your gun on your person is it may be harder to access in case of an emergency.
  • Gun Holsters and Holster Mounts: Vehicle holsters and holster mounts allow for the easiest access to your weapon. There are several types of mounts you can use for your vehicle. Two standard placements are the steering wheel column and strapped to the driver’s seat cushion. These places are great if you need your firearm in a pinch.
  • Stock Vehicle Storage: Sometimes, the best option is to use what you already have. A lockable glove box or console can work as a place to store your weapon that is accessible but keeps it out of view. If you use this method, it’s essential to put your gun in a holster that covers the trigger to prevent any misfires from other items in your glove box or console.
  • Other specialized weapon storage: If you are looking for something accessible, but more secure than a holster or traditional vehicle storage, there are gun safes you can configure to sit next to or under a driver’s seat. Digital combination locks or biometric scans keep your firearms inaccessible to anyone who shouldn’t use them.

Inaccessible Options

If you are looking to transport your firearm of choice through a state with strict firearm laws, here are a few options that can keep your weapon secure. It’s also important to note that some areas vary on how your gun can be stored. Separate containers for ammunition, magazine limits and how assembled your weapon can be are all things to consider.

  • Lockable Hard Case:  A lockable hard case with a foam liner is usually sufficient for states with strict gun transporting policies. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, keeping your gun protected from bumps along the road.
  • A Trunk Storage System: For top-of-line gun storage you can purchase a firearm storage system to install in the trunk or bed of your vehicle. These are the most secure and can carry your other gear and supplies you want to keep safe.

It’s essential to have an excellent on-the-go setup, but at-home storage is vital to protecting yourself, your family and your firearm of choice. Visit Liberty Home Concealment to see a variety of secure and discreet storage options that can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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