How to Renew a Concealed Carry Permit

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How to Renew a Concealed Carry Permit

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If you’re a long-time concealed carrier, you know how important it is to stay legal while you’re carrying a sidearm.

State rules vary greatly on concealed carry (CCW) permit rules and restrictions. While not every state requires a permit to carry, the easiest way to know if you’re staying within the law or not is to obtain a concealed carry license.

Like your driver’s license, your concealed carry permit needs to be renewed every so often to make sure you’re staying sharp on your safety and ability to carry. 

If you’re looking to renew your license, keep reading to learn more about the renewal process and what you need to do.

Why Do I Need to Renew My CCW?

The three primary reasons you need to renew your CCW include:

  • Your license is going to expire- CCW licenses expire every few years. If you want to continue to carry concealed and your state requires a permit, you need to renew it.
  • You’ve changed your name or moved to a different address in the same county- If you’ve recently changed your name or have moved to a different address in the same county, you can usually update your license for a small fee. This may not be considered a full renewal, but it’s necessary to let your local sheriff’s office know you’ve changed your residence.
  • You moved to a different state- If you’ve moved to another state, you will need to check its reciprocity laws toward your previous resident state.

How Do I Renew My CCW?

Concealed carry weapons permit renewals are different for every state. It’s essential to check your state’s policies.

Here are a few things you may need when you go in for a renewal:

  • Renewal application- Some states, like Texas, have an application you can fill out online. 
  • ID and proof of residence- You’ll need a way to verify your identification and your current address. You can use documents like utility bills or bank statements to confirm your address. If you’ve gone paperless, you can print off a copy of these statements online. 
  • Required training hours- Some states require you to attend a firearms safety course before renewing your CCW permit. The training requirements vary, so it’s essential to check your state’s policy. If your state doesn’t require more training to renew your permit, it’s not a bad idea to brush up on your concealed carry techniques. Check out some of our top reasons to attend a safety class here.
  • A renewal fee- CCW renewals require a renewal fee like other standard licenses. You pay the renewal fee when you apply. 

I Let My Concealed Carry Permit Expire. What Should I Do?

If your CCW permit has expired, don’t worry. Most states have a grace period to let you renew your permit without starting over. Don’t delay; most states have late fees for renewing your permit after it’s expired and a short time window.

Don’t Delay in Renewing Your Permit.

Most renewal processes can take several weeks or months to complete. Make sure you know how long your state’s renewal process takes. 

Some states will inform you that your license is going to expire two or three months in advance. However, others won’t send you any notice, so you need to be responsible for knowing when your permit will expire. 

Start your renewal process early to avoid late fees, waiting for your new license or having to start the entire process from scratch.

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