7 Tips for Safe Gun Storage

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7 Tips for Safe Gun Storage

As a gun owner, you are passionate about protecting your loved ones. We get it. But failing to store your guns safely can pose a threat to everyone in your house. Save yourself years of regret, and be a responsible gun owner with these tips for safe gun storage.

Use a Trigger or Cable Lock

Purchasing a trigger or cable lock for your firearm is one inexpensive way to add a layer of protection from curious kids and criminals. Most new guns come standard with a trigger lock that clamps down around the trigger and trigger guard. However, if yours doesn’t already have one, you can purchase a trigger lock to fit your gun. This type of lock can only be removed with a key or the correct combination. Cable locks, on the other hand, block the action of a firearm from closing. Simply put the safety on, pass the cable through the barrel, into the chamber and through the magazine. Then lock it with the padlock.

Lock Your Gun in a Storage Cabinet

Okay, this one might seem obvious but we’ll say it anyway for good measure: make sure your gun cabinet has a lock. One of our favorite types of cabinet locks is a radio frequency identification (RFID) lock. RFID locks are programmable to your unique signature, allowing you to quickly access your gun in the case of an emergency without fear of someone else getting to it first. Once programmed, if a stranger tries to open your cabinet with an RFID lock on it, an alarm will sound.

Hide Your Firearms in Gun Storage Furniture

In the unfortunate event that an intruder enters your home, you won’t want your firearms to be stored in an obvious spot. Any skilled criminal will be able to identify a traditional gun cabinet. Consider investing in gun storage furniture that looks just like a decorative home accessory. A picture frame, flag or piece of artwork can serve a dual purpose as a gun case. They can also add personality to your home and hide your firearms from unauthorized users.

Purchase a Travel Case

Whether you’re going hunting or taking your firearm to a gun range, travel smart. You can find quality travel cases for as little as $10 or as much as $150. A small price to pay for appropriate on-the-go storage. Additionally, if you’re interested in regularly carrying a handgun while you go about your day, consider getting a concealed carry permit.

Unload It Before You Store It

If your gun was made within the past decade, it should have a drop safety feature built in. However, older or damaged guns that are loaded can go off if dropped. The National Rifle Association (NRA) recommends that you always keep your guns unloaded until you are ready to use them.

Store Your Gun in a Safe Direction

It’s a good idea to store your gun with the firearm’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction in the case of an accidental discharge. For example, if your gun storage furniture is located near your couch, don’t store your firearm with the muzzle facing the couch.

Keep Firearms Out of a Child’s Reach

This may seem like common sense, but it’s worth noting again. Keep your firearms out of a child’s reach. Although storing your gun in an unlocked bedside table is convenient for easy access, it’s also a place where a child might easily get a hold of it. And although you raise your kids to not play with firearms, your child’s friend might not know the same.

If you’re looking for a way to properly store your firearms, contact Liberty Home Concealment. We’ll help you find safe gun storage that will blend seamlessly into your home’s decor. From picture frames to American flags, our discreet gun storage furniture is beautiful and functional.


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