Closet Gun Safe: Should I Store My Firearm in a Closet?

  • by Casy Smith
Closet Gun Safe: Should I Store My Firearm in a Closet?

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Finding the best place to keep your firearm secure but accessible is an ongoing challenge for many firearm owners. As your living situation changes (i.e., moving to a new house, having kids, etc.), you may need to reconsider where to store your firearm. You want your gun to be accessible in a self-defense situation, but you also want it to be secure to prevent unauthorized access from little ones or burglars. 

A typical gun storage spot for many firearm owners is the closet. Closet space has grown in importance in the American home. According to one survey, homeowners’ top pet peeve was a lack of storage space. It’s nice to have plenty of space for clothing and supplies, but is a closet gun safe the best place to store a firearm?

Three Pros of a Closet Gun Safe

Before you begin rethinking your gun storage strategy, reviewing the Four Rules of Gun Safety and our article about safe gun storage here is a great idea. If you decide to keep a firearm in your closet, it’s best to put it in another secure storage option to eliminate as many potential safety concerns as possible.  

#1. It’s a Natural Storage Space

Your closet is a simple, easy place to stow your firearm. Plus, when you store your firearm safe or case in your closet, you can free up some of the floor or shelf space in other rooms in your home. Depending on the closet location and size, it may be one of the most private areas where you can keep your firearm. 

#2. Add an Extra Layer of Security

If you stow a secured firearm in a closet with a door handle, you may be able to add a lock to the door for added security. A locked door can add to the effort required to access the closet, therefore adding to the effort needed to access your firearm. If you add a lock to your closet door, keeping it simple with a deadbolt system is best. A high-tech biometric or pin-entry lock on the closet with your firearm may draw a burglar's attention. 

#3. Cover for Your Firearm

If you plan to store a handgun in a locked case, you can place it behind clothing, supply boxes or other objects in your closet. It’s essential to make sure that you keep the firearm unloaded and that the barrel faces away from where people walk. 

While the closet is an easy spot to store your firearm, there are a few reasons that you may want to keep it elsewhere. 

Cons of a Closet Gun Safe

#1. Clutter Can Obstruct Access

If you decide to store your firearm in your closet, you want to ensure the space is organized. A cluttered wardrobe can make it difficult to access your firearm in a dire situation quickly. A concealment flag or other dedicated firearm storage spot in your home may help keep your firearm in an organized space. 

#2. May Not Be Centralized

While a closet may be a convenient storage spot due to its space, it may be far away from the action if it’s needed in a self-defense situation. Bedroom, office and basement closets can be easily cut off if an intruder enters your home. When home defense planning, it’s a great idea to see how much time it takes you to reach your firearm from the furthest point in the house.

#3. Can Create a False Sense of Security

Storing a firearm in a closet may pose a false sense of security. The out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality can make you think that a child or burglar can’t find their way to your firearm. However, the master bedroom and office closets are a favorite target of burglars, and a curious child can quickly learn where a gun is stored. Locking up and hiding your firearm is a first step to reducing the likelihood of it being accessed.

Now that we’ve had a chance to look at some reasons to use and not use your closet as a gun storage space let’s take a second to go through a few ways you can safely store your firearm in your closet. 

Closet Gun Safe Storage Ideas

#1. Install a Gun Safe

One of the best ways to deter unauthorized firearm use is to place your guns in a safe inside your closet, as it eliminates a direct line of sight for burglars and children.  A gun safe is the most secure way to store your firearm. Depending on the number of guns you need to store, the size of the closet and the safe you purchase, you can potentially bolt a safe to the floor, wall or shelf (check the weight limit first). 

The biggest downside to using a safe is that it may limit your access to your firearm in a self-defense situation. 

#2. Hide Your Firearm in Concealment Storage 

If you have a walk-in closet or a closet with a decent amount of wall space, you can place a concealment flag on the back closet wall. Our Long Slim “Half” American Flag is especially ideal for a walk-in closet, as it takes up little wall space. Concealment storage from Liberty Home Concealment gives you a locked storage solution without sacrificing access speed. While our pieces look best out in the open on display, they can be used in a small space, like a closet.

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