Keep Your Firearms Safe and Secure with RFID Cabinet Locks

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Keep Your Firearms Safe and Secure with RFID Cabinet Locks

Storing and securing your firearms with the appropriate gun cabinet locks is essential for defending your family, your home and, ultimately, your freedom.

Quality home concealment furniture and decor items keep your guns hidden in plain sight while blending in seamlessly with almost any room in your home -- often safely tucked away with the help of advanced RFID protection technology.

History of RFID Technology

Radio frequency identification is based on a simple concept: use radio signals to identify users, aircraft or other objects by transmitting a unique signal to a transponder.

It’s based on radar technology that helped win World War II by distinguishing allied planes from enemy planes.

Throughout the post-war period of the 1950s and ‘60s, scientists made even more advanced discoveries that increased the use of radio signals for identifying objects remotely.

Retailers adopted the technology for use in anti-theft systems -- those now-familiar RFID surveillance tags are placed on merchandise and sound an alarm if a would-be thief tries to remove the item from the store without paying.

The same concept now ensures that you have quick and easy access to your firearms while keeping them off-limits to intruders and other unauthorized persons.

Benefits of RFID Locks for Home Concealment

RFID locking technology involves two basic components:

  • A transponder or tag which transmits a unique signal via radio waves.
  • A transceiver or reader which interprets the signal to identify a specific person or object.

Gun owners looking for home concealment options can now find RFID locking mechanisms incorporated into a variety of tactical storage products such as customized coffee tables and end tables built by Liberty Home Concealment.

There are a number of advantages for storing firearms using an RFID lock:

  • Offers the perfect balance of security and easy access.
  • Keeps firearms hidden and restricts who can open the lock.
  • Can be opened quickly when needed.

If you’re looking for a safe, inconspicuous way to store your firearms while maintaining quick access, contact us at Liberty Home Concealment.

We’ll help you choose the right gun cabinet locks for the tactical decor items in your home.


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