Getting the Most Out of Your Nightstand Gun Safe

  • by Casy Smith
Getting the Most Out of Your Nightstand Gun Safe

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When it’s time to call it a day, we want to feel safe and secure before turning out the lights. To do this, many firearm owners place a gun near their beds for protection at night. Your nightstand is a prime location to place your handgun, as it’s easy to reach in an emergency. However, leaving your firearm on top of your nightstand unsecured may generate more security concerns than it alleviates.

To keep intruders, children and other unauthorized users from accessing personal defense firearms, many gun owners use a nightstand gun safe or a nightstand with a secret compartment. Both options can help keep your firearm nearby when you hit the hay while adding a layer of security. 

How do these storage options work, and what can you do to make the most of this type of gun safe?

Stick with us here to learn more about nightstand gun safes, nightstands with secret compartments and how to make the most of your bedside firearm storage solution. 

Nightstand Gun Safes and Nightstands with Secret Compartments: Which Is Right for You?

Both nightstand gun safes and nightstands with secret compartments are locked containers designed for use near your bedside. You can secure each option with a range of locking mechanisms, varying from traditional tumbler combinations to RFID chip cards

Nightstand gun safes have become a popular way to secure a firearm near the owner’s bed. Many of these safes sit on the nightstand or fit inside the drawer. While nightstand gun safes are more secure than leaving your firearm out in the open, they may still be visible to intruders and can slow response time in a self-defense situation. 

To reduce firearm visibility and increase access speed, some firearm storage manufacturers, like the team Liberty Home Concealment, developed a nightstand with a secret compartment. Most secret compartment nightstands are locked and keep your firearm completely out of site. However, they may not offer the same resistance to force as a traditional gun safe. 

If you need some help finding a bedside storage option, let’s take a look at some ways you can make the most of your potential purchase.

Six Ways to Make the Most of a Nightstand Gun Storage Solution

Whenever you look for your bedside firearm placement option, here are a few key steps to maximize your new safe or nightstand with a secret compartment.

  1. Measure your firearm. The last thing you want to do is set up your new safe or nightstand only to realize that your firearm is too large to fit in the dedicated space. Take time to carefully review the product specifications to determine if it is the right option for you.
  2. Add lights. If your storage system does not have dedicated lights, a set of motion-activated LED lights may help you locate your firearm more quickly once you open your storage option. It is important to note that lights can also draw the attention of an intruder, so you should only add this feature if you will be alerted before an assailant enters your bedroom.
  3. Utilize an RFID lock system. A radio frequency identification (RFID) system can speed up your firearm access time without sacrificing security, as it requires a simple wave across the reader to open. Plus, RFID cards are easy to hide in books, picture frames and other inconspicuous spots.
  4. Pick a storage option that matches your bed height. The closer your storage option is to your bed height, the less distance you have to cover to reach your firearm in an emergency. A concealed storage option, like our Defender Series Hidden Compartment Nightstand, comes in multiple heights to help it fit your needs.
  5. Practice, practice, practice. Practice is critical to develop muscle memory for self-defense situations. If an assailant enters your home, your adrenaline will kick in and make it difficult to remember each step to access your firearm. Practice locating your key or entering the lock combo, opening the storage container and retrieving your firearm in a controlled manner.
  6. Find a storage solution with excellent build quality. Finally, it’s critical to purchase a bedside firearm storage option that is well-made. You don’t want your safe or nightstand to be easy to break into, and you don’t want it to malfunction and be impossible to open in an emergency situation. Look at product reviews and test the safe or hidden compartment nightstand once you have it to make sure there are no defects. A reputable manufacturer will back the workmanship of your storage method.

Adding a layer of resistance to firearm access is important for your safety and the safety of others in your home. The team at Liberty Home Concealment works to help our customers find the right balance between security and accessibility for their home defense firearms in a stylish package. Our concealment flags, furniture and decor are the perfect complement to your nighttime firearm storage needs. 

For more information on home defense, safe gun storage, concealed carry and other great gun tips, check out our blog!


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