Home Decor Ideas for Secret Compartment Furniture

  • by Casy Smith
Home Decor Ideas for Secret Compartment Furniture

Using concealment furniture in your home has become a popular choice for gun owners who want to keep their firearms close, but in a way that isn’t conspicuous to outsiders. Some are straying away from gun safes, which can both be obvious to criminals and may entice your children to try to open them.

The numerous benefits of using secret compartment furniture have led buyers to consider purchasing a piece of their own.  

For those who have never explored hidden gun furniture before, you may be wary. For instance, how does concealment furniture affect the design of your home? Are you going to be stuck with some huge piece of furniture just for the sake of hiding your firearm?

There are dozens upon dozens of options for your hidden gun furniture that can not only serve as a functional piece, but add to the style of your room. We’ve listed a few home decor ideas so you can incorporate gun storage into your home without compromising design.

Add it to your furniture

No living room is complete without a coffee table, so it makes a great choice to conceal your gun without any extra effort on your end. Plus, you can curate the stain of your table to match the design for your room. Other than your bedroom, you likely spend the majority of your time in your living room, meaning that you’ll always be close to your firearm should the need arise.

End tables can add concealment capabilities to either your living room or bedroom as well. Similarly to coffee tables, you can choose from a variety of stains and designs to complement your room decor. If you have a larger gun, you may stray away from choosing an end table for your secret compartment furniture, as you’ll be far more limited in what you can hold.

Use home accessories

No room for a new piece of furniture? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of smaller options to choose from for your gun concealment. Lamps are another necessary design piece that can be utilized as a storage place for your firearm. This solid wood base captures your eye while safely storing your gun for use. Customize your lamp by swapping out the lampshade for one that better reflects the mood of your room.

Clocks can be another easy way to hide a small gun on a mantle or table. This rustic clock comes with a wood finish that blends effortlessly into western style home decor. For a more modern look, try a deeper stain color, or lean into the rustic style with a distressed finish. You may also try different designs on the clock face for a look that is uniquely you.

Utilize wall art

If you just can’t find anywhere to put something else in your room, look to the walls. Gun cabinets can be unsightly, but what about a wood piece of wall art or a picture frame? Both of these can be used to store your firearm without decreasing space in the room. The most customizable piece by far, wall art can be painted any way of your choosing. Picture frames allow you to feature your favorite photos while using the space for storage too.

Both of these pieces can be hung up on your wall or can even be cut into the wall for a flush look. This can make the size of the art less obvious that it may be holding something inside. With a wide variety of colors and sizes, there’s sure to be something that works for your home.

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