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Small American Flag Gun Concealment Case with 2 Compartments

Product image 1American flag gun concealment case with a large compartment open on bottom holding two guns and a small one on top with 1 gun
Product image 2Small gun concealment American flag with 2 compartments in the top left and full bottom showing 1 pistol and 1 shotgun
Product image 3Torched gun concealment flag with dark & light brown stripes, a dark brown top left overlaid with white stars
Product image 4Classic American flag gun concealment flag with slightly longer red stripes than white and subtle burnt accents
Product image 5Classic American flag gun concealment case with a large component open on bottom holding two revolvers
Product image 6Torched gun concealment American flag with two opened compartments with burnt backs that are empty with foam inside
Product image 7American flag gun concealment case with burnt marks and pro 2nd amendment quote written on the bottom 3 white stripes
Product image 82 compartment, 1776 American flag gun concealment case with red & white stripes, 13 stars in a circle and 1776 written in the middle
Product image 9Opened American Flag gun concealment case with small compartment in top left holding a pistol and large compartment on bottom holding a pistol
Product image 10American flag gun concealment case with 13 stars in a circle & 1776 written in the middle & pro 2nd amendment quote on bottom 3 white stripes
Product image 11Vibrant colored American flag gun concealment case with natural wood marks showing through & slightly longer red stripes
Product image 123 percenters pro-gun rights group American flag gun concealment case with 13 stars in a circle and roman number 3 inside
Product image 13Black & white American flag gun concealment case with black & white stripes, a black top left with white stars overlaid
Product image 14Torched American flag gun concealment flag with light & dark brown stripes & and thin red stripe under the stars
Product image 15Black & white american flag gun concealment case with thin blue stripe under the stars & burnt accents throughout
Product image 16American flag gun concealment case with black and natural wood colored stripes and a one thin blue stripe under the stars
Product image 17American flag gun concealment case with black and natural wood colored stripes and a one thin red stripe under the stars
Product image 18U.S gun concealmet flag with black colored and natural wood stripes with the black stripes slightly longer than the wood
Product image 19U.S gun concealment flag with vibrant colors, burnt accents, and a deer skull with antlers overlaying the stars in the top left
Product image 20American flag gun concealment case with intense burnt accents and a deer skull with antlers overlaying the stars
Product image 21U.S gun concealment flag with compartment open in the top left & a pistol inside & "all gave some some gave all" military tribute in the lower right
Product image 22Gun concealment flag with a white background & blue section in the upper left with a red Christian cross within the blue
Product image 23U.S Colonial gun concealment flag with burnt accents on the red & white stripes & 13 stars in a circle in the top left blue corner
Product image 24Small American Flag Gun Concealment Case with 2 Compartments

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Our small, wall-mounted American flag gun concealment safe is the perfect addition to any home. This flag features two concealed locking compartments lined with closed cell foam that can be easily customized to fit any of the items you are wanting to store. From firearm storage to storing jewelry, this concealed wall safe can help you protect valuable items. This home safe is made in the USA using US sourced materials when available. To ensure an additional level of safety, this American flag concealment case features a magnetic safety lock and is hand painted and finished in a high-quality lacquer top coat.   

30mm Foam insert perferct gor handgun storage

 Many styles or colors available, see drop down menu.  


Exterior 31" x 20"


Upper Compartment 13" x 10"x2.25"

Lower Compartment    28.5" x 8" x1.75"



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