Texas Gun and Concealed Carry Laws: Five Things You Should Know

  • by Casy Smith
Texas Gun and Concealed Carry Laws: Five Things You Should Know

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*Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. Please consult with an attorney if you have any questions regarding your eligibility to carry a firearm in Texas.*

Whether you’re a long-time concealed carrier or brand new, learning each state’s concealed carry, reciprocity and general ownership rules is essential. If you’re a new firearm owner in Texas or you just moved to the Lone Star State, you’ll want to make sure you’re up to date on the latest rules and law changes for firearm ownership and concealed carry. While we can’t cover every rule here, we want to give you four quick facts you should know to get started.

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Why Is It Important to Know Concealed Carry Laws in Different States?

While the Second Amendment of the Right to Bear Arms is recognized nationally, each state can create its own laws regarding firearms. Some firearm laws that differ from state to state include the following:

  • Open or constitutional carry
  • Types of firearms you can own
  • How you purchase firearms
  • Ammunition capacity
  • CCW license reciprocity

Regardless of the state you live in or received your CCW license in, if you plan to move or travel to another state and want to continue carrying your firearm, you need to know the ins and outs of that state’s rules. 

Why? When you concealed carry, you should hold yourself to a high standard. You are taking an extra step to protect yourself from potential threats, so you need to take the proper precautions and build up a proper knowledge base to stay on the right side of the law. 

To get started, let’s dig into the United States’ second-largest state in population and square mileage, Texas. 

Four Essential Things You Should Know About Texas Concealed Carry and Gun Laws

#1. Texas Allows Open Carry.

In 2021, Texas Legislature passed a bill that allows a qualified person to carry a firearm in a public place without a License to Carry (LTC). For some, this rule is known as a “constitutional carry.” While restrictions for concealed carry still apply (schools, government buildings, correctional facilities and secured areas of airports), this rule allows you to open carry in some public areas. Your firearm needs to be holstered. As always, knowing the carry rules of any private business or entity you visit is essential. Private property is subject to the owner’s policy and should be posted. 

#2. A License to Carry (LTC) Still Offers Some Advantages Over Open Carry.

While you can open carry in many public areas, there are still some distinct advantages that licensed carriers have over unlicensed carriers. Some of these advantages include the following:

  • Further premises access. Some businesses and organizations allow concealed carry while banning open carry due to the training concealed carriers must complete to obtain a license. 
  • Training from an instructor. The self-defense principles you learn in a concealed carry training class can help you sharpen your decision-making and firing skills when you’re in a life-or-death situation. 
  • Reciprocity from other states. Open carry laws aren’t universal. A License to Carry can help you carry your firearm across more states legally. 

  • #3. Licensed Carriers Have a Duty to Inform.

    Texas requires you to inform officers if you are carrying a firearm when you are pulled over for a traffic stop. You can do this by handing the officer License to Carry with your driver’s license. For more information on concealing your firearm in your vehicle, check out this article

    #4. Texas Follows Castle Doctrine.

    Castle doctrine is a principle that allows you to use reasonable force, including deadly force, to protect yourself against an intruder in your home. Texas is one of 28 states that don’t have a duty to retreat if you are lawfully present. 

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