Should You Take a Firearms Safety Course?

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Should You Take a Firearms Safety Course?

Whenever you use or handle a firearm, safety should always be the top priority. Every gun owner is responsible for knowing how to use it safely. Safety courses and professional instruction are excellent ways for you to learn about the latest safety procedures for rifle and handgun use.

Whether you just purchased your first firearm or you are a longtime gun owner, safety courses can help you to sharpen your skills and prepare to defend yourself in case of an emergency adequately.

What Does a Gun Safety Course Cover?

Gun safety courses vary by state, as each has its own rules regarding firearms, especially concealed carry law. However, finding an instructor who is NRA or state-certified is an excellent first step towards. Some of the general items you should learn in each class:

  • The Four Rules of Fire Arm Safety
  • How to safely load and unload a firearm
  • Best practice for handling a firearm
  • Trigger pulling technique
  • Aiming your firearm
  • Drawing your gun to fire
  • Firing accuracy

When Should I Take a Gun Safety Course?

How often you attend firearm safety classes depends on how comfortable you are with your gun and what skills and techniques you are developing. If you are new to gun ownership, it’s a great idea to learn shooting techniques from an experienced instructor. Practicing on your own, without guidance, can lead to bad habits and become potentially dangerous.

If you are a longtime gun owner but are having difficulty with your shot groupings during practice or would like more self-defense training, attending a gun safety course can help you to hone in your skills.

Once you’ve attended a class, it’s vital to practice your technique often. Going to a course and failing to exercise your abilities will result in unpreparedness in dire situations. Don’t get rusty!

Online Instruction

If you are interested in firearm safety and don’t know where to start, there are resources you can find online that will give you some baseline information about firearm safety. However, online content is best for gun owners who already have a strong base of skills and safety knowledge. Many top instructors have material online that is accessible to experienced shooters who want to expand their skills.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Gun Safety Course?

Gun safety courses are crucial for first-time gun users but can be beneficial for a wide variety of firearm owners.

  • Build better habits and shooting form. Learning how to shoot from a professional can help you to build a solid shooting form. Expert guidance from one class can give you direction during your practice sessions.
  • Have your firearm questions answered. There are a lot of helpful blogs and articles on the internet about gun safety and firing techniques, but having an instructor there to answer your questions will provide you immediate, expert advice. Plus, firearm safety classes provide a learning environment, so your teacher will be open to answering any questions you have.
  • Get instant feedback on your shot. Whenever you are learning best practices for firing a gun, input from a knowledgeable instructor is invaluable to becoming comfortable with your firearm. An expert can watch your shot and give you quick pointers on how to improve.
  • Your instructor can give you advice for your practice. Whenever you leave your class, you need to continue to train to stay sharp and improve. Your instructor should give you a practice routine and cleaning instructions as well.

How Do I Find a Gun Safety Course Near Me?

After doing a bit of research and asking around, you should be able to find a gun safety class that will meet your needs. There are two places you can start on your search: ask a friend or Google courses in your area.

An experienced shooter or firearm dealer can refer you to someone who is a certified trainer in the area who can help you develop your skill. Many firearm dealerships have classes that they offer after you purchase a firearm. It’s great if you can visit with the instructor in person or call to get details about what is covered in the class, what you need to bring and any other requirements.

If you prefer to search on your own, use Yelp or Google My Business reviews to see what others think about course instructors in the area. Search for a certified instructor with a plethora of good reviews. Remember, search for classes with quality content and training, not by price. A cheap course will give you inferior results.

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