4 Reasons for Using Gun Concealment Bedroom Furniture

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4 Reasons for Using Gun Concealment Bedroom Furniture

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Your bedroom is a retreat for rest, privacy and security. While beds have existed for thousands of years, bedrooms and private sleeping quarters didn’t become widespread until much later due to the small living quarters of ancient civilizations. 

As houses grew, bedrooms became a more significant inclusion in the home. The primary use of a bedroom may seem obvious, but these spaces have become much more than just a place to sleep. Associations with privacy and security are synonymous with these slumber chambers.

You may have heard jokes about people hiding their life savings under the mattress. Others store valuable possessions like family heirlooms or jewelry in their bedrooms for safekeeping. 

If you have a firearm at home, you may be considering where you want to store your gun for optimal security and accessibility. Many utilize their bedroom as the primary storage location for their home defense firearm. To help you find the best spot to store yours, we’ve compiled a list of some pros and cons of using gun concealment bedroom furniture.

Pro: Keeping Your Firearm Near While You Sleep

Keeping your firearm in your bedroom means that you get to keep it close by while you’re in your most vulnerable state. This gives many responsible gun owners peace of mind, knowing that they have a line of protection nearby. 

Once you’re alerted of the situation, you don’t have to risk a threat getting between you and your firearm in the case of a home invasion.

Con: Bedrooms Are Targets for Burglars

As mentioned earlier, many homeowners store their most valuable possessions in their bedrooms due to the feeling of security that it gives them. However, burglars are privy to this line of thought when they break into a home. In one survey, 75 percent of formerly convicted burglars said the bedroom is the first place they check for items to steal. This means that a thief is more likely to be in the same vicinity as your firearm whenever they look for something to take.

Statistics aside, many studies have also shown that thieves are primarily interested in items they can take as quickly as possible. If your firearm is locked in a piece of concealment furniture, that adds a layer of covertness and security to make your gun less appealing to snatch. 

Pro: Keeping Your Firearm Away from the Primary Living Area

Another pro to using gun concealment bedroom furniture is keeping your firearm away from main living areas that have more traffic from guests and children alike. This lowers the likelihood of unauthorized access from someone who has permission to be in your home, thus, lowering the chance of an accidental misfire.

Con: Your Firearm Is Away from Where You Spend Most of Your Time

Your firearm could be away from the parts of your home that you spend the most time in, like your living room, kitchen, shop or garage. The distance between you and your firearm could be vital in a life-or-death situation. If you choose to store your gun in your bedroom, it’s essential to make sure that you have a plan to get to it in an emergency. 

Pro: You Control the Access to Your Bedroom

When you conceal a firearm in your bedroom or other side rooms away from the main living areas, you have more control over who can and can’t access those areas. Shutting the door to visitors and children is the first step to creating a barrier to your firearm. If needed, you can lock your bedroom door, creating another layer of protection.

Pro: Wall Space Aplenty

Most bedrooms have more usable wall space to hang a concealment flag or a piece of concealment decor than a living room, kitchen or entryway. This gives you optionality over where you want to place the firearm to maximize your access in an emergency. 

Want to place it over the bed? No problem. Want to store your firearm on the opposite wall? You can do that as well. The freedom of placement throughout the bedroom makes it ideal for storing a firearm.

Get the Best Firearm Concealment Furniture for Your Home

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