Preventing Firearm Theft

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Preventing Firearm Theft

Owning a firearm is a big responsibility. Whenever you make the choice to purchase a gun, it’s up to you to make sure that it stays out of the wrong hands, from children to thieves with bad intentions. While any form of theft is terrible and violating, firearm theft presents a danger to yourself and others, as you never know whose hands your gun might end up in. Your weapon might have been stolen by someone looking to get a few bucks at a pawn shop, or in the worst-case scenario, someone looking to inflict harm upon others. Either way, it’s a terrible situation to be in.

Tips for Preventing Firearm Theft

We’ve rounded up a few simple ways that you can prevent firearm theft:

1. Never leave your gun unattended.

This tip might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people get their gun stolen because they left it in their car or bag. Thieves typically break into cars because they see something that might be of value. If you’ve got your gun laying in your vehicle where a robber can see it, chances are, they’ll take it. It’s a risk to leave your gun in your glove box, or hidden under a seat too, especially if you have anything else in your car that might be of value, like a nice stereo system or shopping bags and boxes. If you leave your gun in your car, because you don’t have a concealed carry permit, or permit to carry openly, consider applying for a permit, and purchasing a good holster.

For those of you who practice concealed carry, you might like to carry your gun in your bag. If you do this, make sure never to leave your bag unattended. While it’s a huge hassle and violation to have your personal belongings stolen in any capacity, it’s a whole different ball game when a firearm is involved.

2. Store your guns in a high-quality gun safe

If you store your firearms in a gun safe, it’s critical to invest in one that is high-quality and preferably large and heavy. While a large and heavy gun safe can take up a lot of room and be a pain to move, those two things are precisely what will prevent thieves from attempting to take them. Most small-time thieves wouldn’t even have the tools on hand to break them open, and they would be unable to remove the safe from the premises.

3. Use concealment furniture

Concealment furniture is a great option for preventing residential theft. Most thieves aren’t going to be looking behind picture frames or trying to dismantle a coffee table, they’ll be going for things that are easy to grab and higher in value.

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