How to Decentralize Your Gun Storage

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How to Decentralize Your Gun Storage

Where you store your firearms is essential to keeping them out of the wrong hands and keeping you and your family safe. Gun safety and security is why you shouldn’t take your storage method lightly. Guns are one of the top items burglars want to get their hands on. They are easy to transport and have a high resale value on the streets. From 2005-2010, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) found that burglars stole 1.4 million firearms during household burglaries and other property crimes.

Decentralized gun storage in the house is also about keeping your family safe. In another BJS report, 28% of burglaries between 2003-2007 happened when a member of the household was home. Having your firearms stored in several secure locations can help you to have access regardless of what room you are in when someone intrudes.

How to Decentralize:

1. The first step to decentralized gun storage is to take an assessment of your current firearm layout. If you store your weapons in one place, they are easier to steal. Securely spreading them throughout the house can deter theft. Thieves tend to burgle from rooms in this order:

  • The master bedroom
  • The home office
  • The living room
  • The dining room

If your firearms are all stored in the master bedroom or office, burglars won’t have to work hard to find them, even if they are in a gun safe. If your weapons are not in a gun safe or locked cabinet, you need to purchase some form of secure gun storage.

2. The second step to decentralized gun storage is to plan your firearm placement. In the unfortunate case of a home intrusion, you don’t want to be left defenseless in your bedroom. Having one gun in your bedroom will allow you to defend yourself and your family. To prevent thefts, most burglars quickly pass spare rooms and kitchens for valuables. Strategic planning can avoid potentially life-threatening situations down the road.

3. The last and most crucial step to decentralized gun storage is to use trusted, secure storage methods. Randomly placing firearms around your house won’t do any good if they aren’t protected. Concealment furniture is an excellent option for decentralizing your guns around the house. They are discreet, convenient and secure. Other methods include using locked gun cases, hidden gun safes and trigger locks. Always store your weapons unloaded and keep them out of reach from children.

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