Apartment Gun Storage: Tips for Storing My Firearm

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Apartment Gun Storage: Tips for Storing My Firearm

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The number of American households that live in rented space has grown substantially in the past decade. People are living in apartments, townhomes and rental houses for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Convenience of location
  • Lower short-term costs
  • Less commitment than a house purchase

One of the biggest challenges for apartment tenants is the lack of storage space. Unfortunately, apartments and other small living areas don’t have as much extra storage space, like a garage, attic or basement.

If you are a current gun owner considering moving into an apartment or a tenant who is considering purchasing a firearm, check out some of our advice on a small living space’s best gun storage solutions. 

Is Keeping a Gun at my Apartment Legal?

If you want to possess a gun in your apartment, you must first know the policy on firearm ownership. In most cases, there are two levels of authority that determine whether or not you can store a firearm in your rental property: state law and your landlord’s lease policy.

Possible Firearm Restrictions from your Landlord

While a landlord reserves the right to ban firearms, many rental property companies and landlords allow their tenants to store firearms in apartment units safely. They may have other rules for gun ownership, such as not carrying in open areas of the apartment complex like the office, pool, gym or other shared amenities. Be sure to review your lease agreement and speak with your property manager for more details.

Ways to Safely Store your Firearm in your Apartment

If you are allowed to have firearms in your apartment, you need to make sure you have a secure, discreet place to put them. The four rules of firearm safety are even more crucial in an apartment setting as you have neighbors within close proximity.

A traditional gun safe isn’t practical for a smaller living space. It’s bulky, heavy and can immediately draw an unwanted guest’s attention. However, firearm concealment furniture can help you utilize space you may not immediately think of when it comes to safe gun storage. Here are three steps to identifying how you can safely store your gun in an apartment.

3 Steps to Successfully Store a Gun in your Apartment

1. Assess your apartment space.

You have to identify where you can place your firearms around your apartment. If you are on an upper floor, a regular safe can be too bulky to move into your living space and may exceed the weight limit of your floor. A gun concealment safe can keep your weapon secure without being too cumbersome.

For a handgun, think about shelves, mantles or tabletops as a place to put a concealment picture frame or clock. If you have a larger firearm like a rifle, consider using a piece of concealment wall art or concealment furniture to store your weapon safely. This type of storage gets the gun off of the ground and utilizes space you otherwise wouldn’t have. 

2. Plan out the placement of your firearm to maximize safety.

Apartments are small spaces with neighbors directly beside, above and below you. Store your gun in a manner where it is facing your unit’s outer wall. The last thing you want to happen is an accidental discharge towards a neighbor’s unit.

3. Strategically place firearms.

If someone breaks into your apartment, the first place they will check for valuables, like a firearm, is your bedroom. A traditional gun safe in the bedroom can give away the value of its contents immediately.

A piece of concealment furniture can conspicuously hide a handgun or rifle from a thief. Decentralized storage can also prevent someone from finding all of your valuables in one place. 

Are you looking for a storage option for your apartment that is low-profile and secure? View our assortment of concealment products today. Have a question about concealment furniture? Send us a contact form, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. For more excellent weapon safety, storage and maintenance tips, visit our blog.


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